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Office of the Nepal Trust

Kamaladi, Kathmandu

Today 2024-04-13

Working Areas

Nepal Trust has been granted legal validity as a self-governing and self organized organization with management succession. The law has provided for a separate board of directors to operate and manage the functions of the trust. All the functions of the trust will be carried out by the board of directors. The basically the scope of work of Nepal Trust is as follows.


  • To properly manage the property of the trust and to manage and protect it.
  • According to the law of King Birendra, Queen Aishwarya and their families, the property to be received by the trust should be searched inside Nepal or outside Nepal and find out its real status and keep a record with accurate details.
  • Protecting the rights of the trust by canceling the title deed in the name of the trust to be owned by the trust.
  • To use the property of the trust in the national interest according to the law.
  • The assets of the trust will earn income according to law.